Specific Services You Can Get From Alarm Monitoring Companies


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An alarm monitoring system is vital to every business; it helps a lot when it comes to the issue of security – whether it is man-made or made by nature. For instance, there’s an alarm system that is specifically designed to alert you when there’s a forced entry in your facility. There are also alarm monitoring systems designed to alert a facility owner on natural calamities such as flooding or fire. Without such alarm monitoring systems, properties as well as the lives inside a facility could be compromised. Indeed, alarm monitoring system installation is necessary.

But what are the types of alarm system that you should consider integrating to your current security and safety system? Here are some specific services you can get from reputable alarm monitoring companies.

  • Video monitoring – this is one of the most effective systems for break-in, burglary prevention, which is the reason why more and more companies are installing video system such as CCTV. The use of video system eliminates false alarm dispatches and ensure a high priority response from authorities since you can determine right before your eyes the authenticity of the situation/emergency.
  • GPS (location-based services) – this is useful most especially if your business is, in nature, has something to do with logistics. GPS monitoring system allows you to track vehicles, speed monitoring, automobile security, geo-fencing, as well as route travel history.
  • Fire and life safety monitoring – fire and smoke detection system is crucial and should be installed in every facility. This system saves lives and properties as it alerts people inside a facility early in case of fire.
  • Water detection – sudden change in weather condition can bring unexpected rains and flooding, which can bring severe damage to a facility as well as possible fatalities.
  • Elevator monitoring – elevators are one of the most used inside a building or facility and this is the reason why malfunctions are likely to happen and could bring potential damage to people using it. A 24-hour elevator monitoring system can really be a big help in running your facility with utmost care for people safety.

There are quite a number of alarm monitoring systems you can find in the market today. It makes sense that you take some time to examine them most especially those that are proven helpful to many businesses across different industries.


Services A Building Maintenance Company Can Provide For Your Facility


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Outsourcing Building Maintenance Services

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Regardless of the nature of your business, your company most likely faces the challenging task of building maintenance. For example, delegating the task to your subordinates can be tedious and could take a chunk of your precious time that is supposed to be dedicated to your core business function.

As you work on the task delegation, you need to consider these issues: To whom should I give this task? How should I schedule these tasks that will not hamper the overall operation of the company? How much will it cost? How will it impact to the company’s overall operation costs? – these are just a few questions you need to address.

If you think the above task is pretty a burden to your part, you might want to consider one that is considered by many companies as a good alternative to handling building maintenance / facility management tasks – outsourcing! In layman’s terms, it is letting a third party to do the job instead of giving it to your in-house staff. This provides a number of advantages not just taking some tasks away from your hands but as well it is advantageous when you consider the costs.

Tasks you can outsource

But what exactly are the tasks you can outsource to a third party building maintenance service provider? Many building maintenance companies today offer a wide array of services that you can take advantage of. For instance, you can outsource plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, architectural, painting, as well as tenant improvements are related works.

Aside from the above-mentioned tasks, a building maintenance company can also offer window cleaning as well as landscaping and interior plant management, waste management and recycling, floor and carpet care, as well as power washing.

The cost of outsourcing

Generally, outsourcing building maintenance and other facility management tasks is more economical that doing them on your own with your in-house staff. It can save you up to 40 to 60% of your operational costs compared to doing the tasks by yourself. Outsourcing is indeed a cost-effective approach to addressing your building maintenance tasks.

Alarm & Fire Alarm Monitoring Services In San Jose, CA – Important To Both Residential and Business Establishments


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Being one of the largest cities in California as well as its thriving economy makes San Jose as one of the important locations in this state — both in residential and business aspects. For this reason, it is imperative that an effective alarm monitoring system such as fire alarm system is put in place as an added security measure whether a building is residential or for business purposes. This can help is saving lives and properties for cities as populous as San Jose — should unprecedented security threat arises.

There are a number of alarm monitoring systems that could be integrated to any building system in San Jose and this includes the following:

  • Video monitoring – this is recommended most especially for business establishments and there are notable business alarm monitoring service providers in California that you can turn to for system integration. The visuals/graphics features of this system eliminates false alarm dispatches and help ensure a high priority response. In addition to that,  remote video monitoring service also solves the problem in distance.
  • Water detection – this is imperative and relevant these days where climate change issue is at its peak. Water detection helps both man-made and natural calamities such as floods and waterline leaks, which could create damages to properties and lives of employees working inside an establishment.
  • Fire alarm monitoring – if you roam around today, there are a number of fire alarm monitoring services in San Jose that offer various measures to prevent or control fire accidents, including fire suppression and sprinkler monitoring, carbon monoxide detection and other more specialized protection applications.
  • GPS Alarm monitoring – this is a location-based monitoring and it works by tracking or tracing distress or emergency calls on its specific location and there are alarm monitoring companies in California that provide this particular service – along with other security services. GPS effectively works for automobile/vehicle tracking, speed monitoring, and geo-fencing.

The use of  fire alarm (and other monitoring systems) has been proven to have helped many facilities in the past; it saves lives and properties from catastrophic calamities (man-made or natural) by early detection and prevention.

Why outsourcing facility management tasks can be a smart choice for your business


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Facility Management Outsourcing Service ProviderOutsourcing facility management services is getting more and more popular today and here’s the reason why: businesses, corporate entities are becoming more and more aware of its advantages and therefore should be considered as part of a company’s list of operation strategies.

Here are four (4) compelling reasons why outsourcing to a third party is a smart choice:

  • Can reduce operation costs – one of the main reasons why businesses outsource facility management tasks is to reduce costs; this is attainable because of the competitive market, wherein you can negotiate for the lowest charges possible from a number of service providers without compromising the quality of the service you receive. Another good reason to outsource is that you can choose specific tasks to give to your facility management service provider, which is a good way to eliminate unnecessary expenses – both direct and indirect costs.
  • Can provide more time and energy focused on the core business goals – as a business owner, your prime goal is to keep your company running and improving by attracting more clients to patronize your products or services. The more time you have to focus on your core business goals, the better the opportunities that come your way. Outsourcing is one of better ways to realign your sight towards your prime business objectives; miscellaneous tasks can be assigned to a third party who is proven expert in facility management – and assign your in-house staff to other important business tasks.
  • Can reduce risks – facility management tasks are accompanied by some risks; there are maintenance tasks that are done only in specific interval of time. For instance, lab facility maintenance and window cleaning for high rise building both require workers who have specialized skills needed to perform the tasks – things that in most cases cannot be assigned to your in-house staff who is not always exposed to said tasks. Outsourcing to a reputable service provider simplify your facility management workloads while you are reducing possible risks.
  • Can improve operational flexibility – outsourcing can also improve your operational flexibility as you can easily re-align your facility management strategy according to your current needs or specific condition. For instance, transferring to a new office location might create changes to your facility management needs. That means, you might need new tools or equipment (and leave some old ones — those that are not needed anymore)  to carry out specific facility management tasks inside your utility storage. By outsourcing, such scenario can be eliminated as it is more fluid – you can easily adjust to a new environment without worrying about the changes you face in your new location.

Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Services in California



Whether commercial or residential, security and safety are among the top priorities that every entity should put into consideration. This does not only help secure the properties but, of equal importance, the life of the people inside as well.

In big states like California, alarm monitoring take an important part of facilities’ overall security system. This is the reason why wholesale alarm monitoring services are also becoming more and more popular – monitoring services that come in package.

The following are some specific services that can be included in a wholesale alarm monitoring service:

  • Remote video monitoring and virtual guard tours – virtually eliminates false alarm dispatches and fines; it helps ensure a high priority response from authorities in case of emergency.
  • Water detection system – alarm monitoring service providers also offers system for water detection; for water leaks emergency and other water-related issues that require prompt actions.
  • Smoke detection – this is very helpful to lots of facilities as this offer detection even before a small spark could ignite into a giant fire. A very important system that can avoid fire accidents.
  • Elevator monitoring – an important part of a building that needs 24-hour monitoring system to ensure safety and security; there are service providers that really offer a cost-effective elevator monitoring system – the one that meets all ADA requirements.
  • Global positioning system – for location based services;  helpful for vehicle tracking, speed monitoring, geo-fencing, and route travel history.
  • Open / close monitoring – a system that could be implemented to monitor when somebody activates or disables a security system; a mechanism that is designed to provide report about the current status of the monitoring system, which helps ensure that the systems you have are armed when they should be.

Commercial Facility Management and Roofing Maintenance Challenges



Photo credit: Bay Quality Construction, Inc., Freedom, CA.

Photo credit: Bay Quality Construction, Inc., Freedom, CA.

Every commercial building faces a number of challenges as part of its continued operation – regardless of the industry it belongs to. Certainly, maintaining a good reputation to keep clients coming and to attract more prospects is one of these challenges. But I wanted to discuss about another yet challenging task that is often not given so much weight to some numbers of commercial entities – commercial facility management.

The very reason why this matter (facility management) should be given time tackled, particularly among people who run a commercial entity, is to address various challenges, including the following three items:

The roofing maintenance – I am giving emphasis about roofing as part of facility management because it has a major impact on building utility bills, which also affect a company’s total operational costs. The challenge is to have a roofing system that complies with the industry standard such as using roofing materials that are Energy Star-qualified. Such materials, with the help of your roofing contractor, can make a roofing system that reduces energy consumption up to 50%.

The environment preservation – every commercial facility, whether its main function is to manufacture certain products or distribution, it throws residual wastes out into the environment, which affects the quality of the things around. With right facility management system, these wastes can be possibly maintained at their minimum levels, which can effectively help in paving the way for a sustainable environment and stable energy resources. (Related: Reduce Utility Bills for Municipal Facilities and Operations)

The Aging infrastructure – this is another yet an important part of addressing facility management challenges. Commercial building becomes older and older over time. And whether you like it or not, wear and tear problems come along the way; the more fixing is needed the more costs it could accrue. Thus, commercial buildings, old or new, need to have a clear, effective system for facility management. This is to help reach a facility’s target lifespan – or even longer than the target life. At the same time, helps reduce total operational costs.